Many Irish families have roots which span across the counties of Ireland. Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have their own record collections and archive offices meaning that it can be difficult to connect family lines across country and county borders. With the opening of Ancestor Network’s Northern Ireland branch, we are uniquely able to offer genealogical research across the counties of Ulster and the whole island of Ireland simultaneously. We provide an experienced, friendly and professional service for genealogy and probate research in Ulster.

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Ancestor Network has a proven track record and high success rate in providing a rapid response to identify heirs to unclaimed estates. A branch in Northern Ireland will enhance the ability to trace potential heirs with Ulster roots and families who moved throughout Ireland.

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Ancestor Network Northern Ireland brings experienced, professional expertise to your genealogical research in Ulster. We provide expert knowledge of all the Northern Ireland-based archives and records and can assist you in tracing your ancestors and putting together your family tree.

A common research goal is to trace ancestors back to the Ulster Plantations of the early seventeenth century. Little documentary evidence survives for this period but DNA testing can bring additional information to help trace ancestral origins. Often when the record of entry to a new country can be found but records in Northern Ireland have been lost, DNA testing can show family connections to specific areas of Ulster.

Ancestor Network Northern Ireland offers local expertise for both individual tours and larger groups. We can provide a bespoke itinerary for families wishing to visit sites such as homesteads and places of worship or arrange events for larger groups.

If you have a parent or grandparent from Northern Ireland you can apply for an Irish passport. Ancestor Network Northern Ireland can help obtain proof of your relationship to Northern Irish parents or grandparents.

Ancestor Network Northern Ireland can offer a wide range of services associated with genealogical education and heritage tourism in Northern Ireland. We offer bespoke, expert-led packages to meet your requirements

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